2020-04-09 update - new * certificate available

Hi everybody,

our new server certificate is finally available.

You can download it here in preview.

We will install it in production environment on April 27th, 2020; please be sure to check the certificates you have imported in your application truststore before that day.

CheBanca Development Team

2020-04-06 update - * certificate change

Hi everybody,

as you know, our * server certificate will expire soon (on April 30th, 2020).

We are working to replace it, but it will take some days; when we have the new certificate we will upload it in this page, in another update post.

Now, this change may have also impacts on your applications: the CA server chain usually is imported into the client application certificate store, and so you will need to replace the certificate too.

The new * certificate will have the same certificate chain; so if you imported into your application only the intermediate and the root CA, you'll have to do nothing.

Otherwise, if you also imported our * certificate into your truststore, you'll have to import the new version before the current certificate expiry date.

Stay tuned for more updates

CheBanca Development Team